Little Blue Heroes

Little Blue Heroes is a not-for-profit charitable foundation established by Garda staff which aims to support local Gardaí in providing financial assistance to families in need in their local communities who have children undergoing long-term medical treatment for critical illness. In addition, the foundation aims to provide Garda themed distraction toys, activity books, and children’s events (e.g. Garda for a Day or Special Garda Open Days) for the children they support.

The Little Blue Heroes foundation is operated voluntarily by Garda Staff. It is open to all staff members of An Garda Síochána (including Civilian, Garda Reserve, and Retired members) to be a volunteer. The foundation receives no state funding whatsoever, and relies entirely on fundraisers and events organised by members of An Garda Síochána and others in the community to support the many families who need it.

The Little Blue Heroes foundation focuses completely on providing practical help for families who have exhausted all other avenues of assistance. The foundation believes that no family should have to face any added financial stress when they are already struggling to cope with the devastation and trauma of a critically ill child.